Join us on Dec. 8th in Philadelphia for the Critical Metrics & Benchmarks to Drive Performance Panel at Deciphering Finance

SIIA’s Deciphering Finance is a forum for executives to discuss growth strategies for software companies. This one day event for CEOs, CFOs, and other finance executives will provide insights to help you think more strategically, enhance the performance of your finance team and maximize the performance of your company.

Business leaders are increasingly responsible for analyzing and presenting the company’s performance in all aspects of operations, and for planning how to improve performance.  In addition, they need to communicate and build consensus around the analysis and plans. 

What are the key metrics and benchmarks that software and SaaS executives are using to accomplish this?  How are these metrics defined given that most operational performance metrics are not traditional accounting metrics?  What are the best practices for communicating and building consensus on the company’s targets against benchmarks with executive management, the board and investors? 

This panel of executives will share their experience and discuss how the metrics are changing.


Lauren Kelley, CEO & Founder, OPEXEngine


Bas Brukx, CFO, Clarabridge

Gregory Doran, CFO, Fiberlink, an IBM Company

Rick Nucci, Founder & CEO, Guru

Panel Questions:


  • What growth models do you use currently?


  • What specific metrics do you regularly review to assess the company’s performance?
  • How do the metrics that you track change as the company grows?
  • Do internal stakeholders have the same understanding of the metrics?
  • Do external stakeholders – investors and potential acquirers – have the same understanding of the metrics?


Benchmarking, the practice of comparing a business’s results against its peers, is proven to be an effective practice to improve performance. Yet, benchmarking practices continue to be more of an art form than a science.

  • How do you use peer benchmarks to improve your analysis and planning?
  • What benchmarks do you wish you had but don’t?
  • The value of benchmarks depends on the credibility of the data – in the SaaS world, there are a lot of benchmarks floating around from open surveys, how credible are they?


  • How do you use the data, benchmarks and analysis that you generate in Finance to generate change in the company’s performance?
  • Who sees your financial analysis of the metrics and how regularly? Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just once a year in the budget process?
  • What do you look for when hiring an FP&A analyst? What type of experience and/or training are you looking for? If you don’t have budget for a discrete FP&A analyst, what type of analytics and planning experience do you expect your controller or VP Finance to have to handle this function?


  • What tools and services do you currently use? Share your best practices in getting the most out of your tools and services.


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