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OPEXEngine is the leading developer of detailed financial and operating benchmarks and convenient, customizable online company comparison dashboards for the information technology industry .

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At OPEXEngine, we know what it is like to make important operating decisions in a dynamic environment. We’ve been there. We’ve prepared annual and quarterly budgets, board reports, strategic plans and acquisition analyses. We’ve had to identify problems, course correct, and also manage at times of incredible growth. We never had solid, high quality and detailed benchmarks to help, and that’s why we founded OPEXEngine. We work with experienced CFOs and CEOs of leading software companies, as well as investors, to design our benchmarks and surveys, so they provide as much actionable information as possible, in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. We regularly review our metrics and formats with industry leaders as well, so that we keep up to date on the best possible indicators of how the industry – and your business – are performing.

About Lauren Kelley

Lauren Kelley is the founder of OPEXEngine.

After being trained as an Economist and Political Scientist and receiving degrees from Tufts and Columbia, Lauren’s career started as an international economist for the Office of Computers in the US Department of Commerce.

Lauren subsequently lived and worked extensively in Europe; she managed European business for Borland from Paris; and helped build Compaq’s East European business after the Berlin Wall fell.

Lauren then moved to Boston to lead internet and ecommerce pioneer ATG’s sales and operations.  From early stage to nine-figure revenues, Lauren built sales and operations worldwide thru extraordinary fast growth.  After ATG’s IPO (with one of the highest market valuations in the industry at the time), Lauren continued as an officer of the public company to  manage sales and strategy.  ATG was later acquired by Oracle.

After spending two years at a local venture fund evaluating potential investments, asking about metrics (and not getting the answers she wanted), Lauren founded OPEXEngine to fix a void she saw in building data-driven, high performing software and SaaS companies.


About Kris Nybakken

Kris Nybakken has been a successful CTO, CEO, engineer, artist, consultant, and investor for over three decades. He first sold software he wrote while in elementary school, and he’s been hooked on everything digital ever since. He was the first CTO of WebMD and a senior executive at several other successful technology companies in the US and Japan. Kris also works on ventures not in IT: he has raised all-natural cattle, done deep diligence for biofuels, and owned one of Silicon Valley’s largest fumigation companies for over 10 years.

Kris’ wide experience with many different businesses brings a well-informed and grounded perspective on which numbers are important to a business, and how to use metrics in an organization to drive growth and improvement.


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