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“We found OPEXEngine’s reports to be square on with what we needed and a critical source of data for our management team. High quality data – like OPEXEngine – is rare and worth paying for.”

– Jim Lejeal, CFO, Rally Software

Benchmarking is not simple. Our Benchmarks are the most useful and relevant available because we know what data is important to collect, which metrics definitions to use, and how to control for outliers. Our data isn’t just an internet poll; all data is submitted directly from benchmark participants.  We’ve honed a disciplined methodology over the past decade of both manual and automated data cleansing to maintain the highest level of data quality.

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So You Can Make Better Informed Decisions

“The OPEXEngine benchmarking report is a key element of our planning process, it helps us set the right targets for our cost structure 2-3 yrs out.”

– Stephane Panier, Former CFO

Benchmarking with OPEXEngine drives better decisions, across your organization. Our CFO customers tell us that their conversations with fellow executives, board members, and employees are more productive because they are using common vocabulary and data to communicate.

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Trusted by CFOs Since 2006

“InsightSquared is a fast growing startup that’s reinventing the way businesses are run.  We are backed by some of the best VCs in the world and we’re working together to build a game changing business.  OPEXEngine’s benchmarking provides us with the data and benchmarks to fine tune and improve our operations, and translate our performance into a highly valuable growth company.”
– Jeremy King
CFO, InsightSquared

“OPEXEngine’s benchmarking platform delivers key SaaS and other operating benchmarks that aren’t easily available anywhere else, especially for private companies. It is extremely useful to be able to see benchmarks organized by peer groups with similar size revenues, contract values, and even by venture funding round. I highly recommend participating in a benchmarking community to any SaaS CFO building a growth company.”
– Marc Linden
CFO, Intacct

“With the OPEXEngine benchmarks, I had better and more productive conversations with line management. OPEXEngine does something that you can’t find anywhere else, since the data comes from the participants directly, and OPEXEngine works with each company to ensure the data is clean and comparable – which makes it credible.”
– Dan Kossmann
Managing Director, CFGI
former CFO Initiate Systems (bought by IBM) and Outstart (bought by Kenexa)

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